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NH Agriculture COVID-19 Relief Program – Specialty Crop Producers

Registration Fact Sheet

The New Hampshire Agriculture COVID-19 Relief Program was created to assist producers in recovering economic losses incurred as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the Program:  

This program will provide relief funding to specialty crop operations for expenses and lost revenues incurred due to COVID-19.  This program will focus primarily on increased labor and personal protective equipment (PPE).  If funds allow, other capital investments will be considered.  The Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food (“Agriculture”) is administering this program.

Agriculture recognizes upfront, this program does not have the financial resources to make farms whole; instead, it will help offset some of the increased costs.
In addition to assistance with increased costs, Agriculture will consider losses incurred to retail sales of maple operations.  This is in recognition of data showing large losses due to the closure of Maple Weekend as a result of COVID-19.

All relief funding payments will be made by December 30, 2020; checks will be sent out following the quarterly application dates.

Producers who have gross revenues of $50,000 in 2019 are eligible for this program.

Why the $50,000 revenue level?  It is recognized that 84% of New Hampshire farms generate less than $25,000 per year in annual sales, thus most farms will not be eligible.  Yet, there are an estimated 4,000 non-dairy farms and just $1,500,000 available in assistance through this program.  If all farms were funded, it would be less than $400 per farm on average.  
Instead, at the $50,000 gross sales level, we anticipate 400 eligible operations, which allows for an average allocation of $3,750 per farm.

Additionally, research has shown that most farms have profit margins of 10% or under.  Thus, at less than $50,000, these operations are yielding less than $5,000 in net profits.  These owners most likely have other income to help support their households and we felt that could better absorb farm losses due to COVID-19.

Taken together, the decision to support fewer commercial farms at a more substantial level is reason behind the $50,000 gross income level for eligibility.

Registering for the Program:

Registration is open June 8, 2020, and ends on June 22, 2020 at 11:59 PM. The registration form is a mandatory prerequisite to later apply for relief funding under this program.  If a producer does not timely complete the online registration form, the producer cannot apply for relief.  The NH Agriculture COVID-19 Relief Program registration form is available here (it is recommended that registrants use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers to complete the registration).

The registration deadline is June 22, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

Steps for completing the Registration Form:

1)    Create an online account.  This account information can be used to complete both your registration and any subsequent applications. 

2)    Provide your business information which includes your business name, your federal employer identification number (a.k.a. EIN), your business and email addresses, telephone number and if applicable, your business website.

3)    Complete the business eligibility section to ensure you can participate in this program. 
Please note that for eligibility purposes you can use revenues generated from agritourism and non-dairy livestock enterprises; however, these enterprises are NOT eligible for reimbursement through this program.

4)    Place a checkmark next to the quarters for which you plan to seek reimbursement.

5)    Utilizing your records, list revenues for all applicable commodities for which you had sales in 2019.  Aggregate all sales and list a single number per commodity.  If you sold in multiple market channels, or different grades or retail or wholesale, add this together for a single figure.

6)    Total all sales together and list this figure on the appropriate line of the registration form.

7)    Sign the form by typing your name in the signature line and checking the box to certify the information you provided is true.  List your title and date the form on the appropriate lines.

8)    Save the form and then submit via the website using the submit button.

If you are eligible after completing the registration form, applications for the program will be available beginning June 25, 2020.  If you do not complete a registration form, you cannot apply for relief.

Applications will be accepted quarterly by the following deadlines:

  • 1st quarter (March only): July 15, 2020
  • 2nd quarter: July 15, 2020
  • 3rd quarter: Oct. 15, 2020
  • 4th quarter: December 1, 2020

More information about the application phase will be available soon.

Dairy farms will have a separate COVID-19 assistance program and will be contacted individually by the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food.

Please note that documentation will be required to support your application and will be required to be submitted with the application.  This documentation may include Schedule F tax forms, Form 943 or 941, and direct receipts for costs.

No supporting documentation is required for registration.