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Main Street Relief Fund - Funds Transparency Map

An interactive overview of the funds awarded as part of the Main Street Relief Fund.

In keeping with Governor Chris Sununu's vision for GOFERR and his belief that public trust is built on the foundations of transparency and accountability, the below map gives Granite Staters the ability to see the most up-to-date information regarding funds awarded as part of the Main Street Relief Fund. Currently, it includes all awards made as part of the initial grant awards. It will be updated to include any further awards made once the review and appeals process has concluded.

To find a specific business, Granite Staters can utilize one of several built-in capabilities, which includes: filter by a specific New Hampshire municipality, searching for a street name or business name, or, if they so choose, utilizing the map itself to zoom into a specific location to find the business's exact location. The map also offers Granite Staters the ability to view the award amounts on two other levels by changing the selected map view via the drop-down menu. Utilizing this feature, they can view the awards cumulatively by municipality or by county. Additionally, the section titled "Funds Disbursed by Business" will display all relevant awards based on a Granite Staters search, i.e.: town, street, name, map selection.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact the GOFERR Team via the inquiry portal