County Emergency Equipment Program

Information on the County Emergency Equipment Program

About the Program

The program is open to all 10 counties.

Each county is eligible for a grant of at least $350,000 for reimbursement of eligible equipment. Additional funding may be available depending upon the number of eligible applications received and total amount requested. A County may request reimbursement for more than one piece of eligible equipment and for costs in excess of the $350,000, but there is no guarantee that more than $350,000 will be available for each County that applies.

The County will be required to provide a 10 percent match no matter the amount of the award under this program. For example, to receive a $350,000 award, a County will need to acquire eligible equipment with a total cost of at least $388,889.

Purchases, financed purchases, as well as leases and lease-to-purchase, and similar financial agreements used to purchase equipment are allowed.

All equipment must have been acquired after March 3, 2021, Any eligible anticipated or estimated costs that may be awarded will only be reimbursed for actual costs incurred through May 15, 2023.

Supporting documentation is required as part of the application submission. See program FAQs for additional details.

The application must be completed and submitted utilizing the GOFERR grant portal by Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 04:00 PM, including all supporting documentation. Counties are encouraged to submit completed applications as early as possible before the deadline. If a County misses the deadline, it cannot be considered for an award from this program.

For more information about the County Emergency Equipment Program in generally, or the application, please email info@goferr.nh.gov or visit https://www.goferr.nh.gov/apply.

How to Submit an Appeal

Applicants will receive notice of the initial determination and amount of award, if applicable. They will then have 15 business days from the date of the initial notice to contest the determination.

Reasons to contest eligibility and/or award determinations are limited to the following:

  • If the determination was based on eligibility, provide an explanation and evidence to substantiate your claim about why your entity is actually eligible for the program.
  • If you are contesting the calculation of the award, provide an explanation and evidence supporting that the calculation of the award, based on the information submitted in the application, is in error.
    • NOTE: If the error was in the applicant's submission, only scriveners or obvious typographical errors can be corrected.
  • GOFERR's determination regarding allowability of expenses and adequacy of documentation are final and are not subject to appeal.

The appeal request and evidence shall be submitted in writing electronically to "Appeals@goferr.nh.gov." The appeal will be determined based on the written submission and documents in GOFERR's possession. No hearing will be held. Applicants will receive a notice of the determination on the appeal. No further appeal is allowed.

How to Apply

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