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COVID-19 Impact Senior Center Program

Information on the COVID-19 Impact Senior Center Program

About the Program

The COVID-19 Impact Senior Center Program is a $4 million fund that will provide qualifying senior centers with funds to accommodate the needs of the population served while mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in accord with the CDC and the New Hampshire Division of Public Health guidelines.

Awards will be issued on a pro-rata basis with a $500,000 cap after the application period closes.

Dates & Timelines:

October 28, 2021 - Application Period Opens
December 15, 2021 - Application Period Closes


The program is limited to New Hampshire senior centers for modifications and operating costs to enable the senior centers to meet CDC and the Division of Public Health guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

How to Apply

The application for the program must be completed and submitted utilizing the GOFERR grant portal by December 15, 2021, including all supporting documentation for existing equipment.

Applicants will need to use an internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome to complete the application. Internet Explorer will not work properly with this application.

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How to Submit an Appeal:

GOFERR will provide additional information on how to submit an appeal as well as an associated timeline soon.

Reasons to contest eligibility and/or award determinations are limited to the following:

If the determination was based on eligibility, provide an explanation and evidence to substantiate your claim about why your business is actually eligible for the program
If you are contesting the calculation of the award, provide an explanation and evidence supporting that the calculation of the award, based on the information submitted in the application, is in error
NOTE: If the error was in the applicant’s submission, only scriveners or obvious typographical errors can be corrected
The appeal request and evidence shall be submitted in writing electronically to “” The appeal will be determined based on the written submission and documents in GOFERR’s possession. No hearing will be held.

Applicants will receive a notice of the determination on the appeal. No further appeal is allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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